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Since 1982 Greg Brown Construction has been developing quality custom homes throughout Haliburton County. Our passion for quality and creativity has established a dynamic business fueled by one of the most experienced and versatile crews in the area.

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Located in Haliburton, we have strived to provide the best finish product that meets your needs and suits your budget.  Family owned and hilarious since 1982.

what our clients are saying

Colin Mcallister and Justin Ryan
Chaps – You didn’t just do a good job… you did a GREAT job landscaping our sorry swamp. Seriously – what you achieved was beyond awesome. We are blessed to have found you and Greg, Andrew, Benton and Jordan – you ROCK! As we survey the property we can still hardly comprehend that you did what you did. A wickedly good job. Thank you!

Clients since 2014
Les McFarlane
“Greg Brown Construction has been our contractor in Haliburton for almost 30 years. During that time, Greg and his team have met all our construction needs.  Our family has owned three cottages during that time.  On one cottage Greg help design and build it – including pouring the concrete basement. On another cottage, we had a major renovation done. At our main cottage Greg did a major extension plus a number of renovations. All of these projects were done in a very professional manner and to our satisfaction. Greg has been very creative in his designs, using new technologies, and, in his research for the best material for the job. Greg Brown Construction’s workmanship has stood the test of time.  We are very pleased to recommend Greg Brown Construction for any construction projects. It is good to see a family business succeed!”

~Les McFarlane
I.T. Xchange
Company Director
Client since 1983
Paul and Gwen Sampson
“Greg Brown Construction did an excellent job on our cottage addition and garage. They were very professional and pleasant to deal with and went above and beyond our expectations. They met their budget and timelines as promised. I have recommended GBC to anyone looking for a contractor in the Haliburton area.”

~Paul and Gwen Sampson

Clients since 2007

Peter Curry
“Over the last twenty-five years Greg Brown has built three of my personnal homes, six cottages built for resale and one large commercial building on the main street in Haliburton.  I have found Greg easy to work with and the work was always done in an efficient and timely manner.  The last two buildings his sons have been involved and I have been impressed with their knowledge and work ethic.”

~Peter Curry
Client since 1986
Joe and Anne Rogers
We have had a good experience working with Greg Brown Construction. Greg was always easily accessible either via email, text or phone and answered us promptly. He was always willing to meet with us at the job site if we wished to clarify or go over some aspect of the project. Any concerns or questions that came up, he dealt with in a timely manner. During the whole process he, or one of his crew would make suggestions if they thought something would work out or look a better if done a different way. They were also very willing to listen to our suggestions if we wanted something changed or done differently.The guys tried to keep the area clean as they worked.
Our project started on time and is being completed only a week over projection. This is great considering we added a few extra details/jobs along the way. The construction was completed within budget. Greg was very reasonable in the costs allowed for materials (ie: flooring,tiles etc). He would suggest places for us to shop to get good prices and text us if he noticed a sale on something we needed. A few extra costs were incurred when we decided during the process to either upgrade or add something extra. That was entirely our choice.
We have had a very good experience working with Greg and his crew. All the guys are very friendly and easily approachable and willing to stop and explain things if we have questions.
It was very scary seeing our property as a constructions site. However, now that we are almost complete and all the grading has been done and things are being finished and cleared up it looks great and we are very happy with the end result.

~Anne and Joe Rogers

Clients since 2014

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This is just a small snippet of some of the work we do. We tackle all sizes of projects in all weather with the best attitude all the time.

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  • Exteriors_0000s_0002_Layer 26
  • Exteriors_0000s_0003_Layer 25
  • Exteriors_0000s_0005_Layer 21
  • Garages_0003s_0003_Layer 9
  • Garages_0003s_0001_Layer 11
  • Garages_0003s_0002_Layer 10
  • Garages_0003s_0000_Layer 12
  • Landscaping_0001s_0001_Layer 19
  • Landscaping_0001s_0000_Layer 20
  • Landscaping_0001s_0002_Layer 18
  • Landscaping_0001s_0003_Layer 17
  • Landscaping_0001s_0004_Layer 16
  • Porches_0004s_0002_Layer 6
  • Porches_0004s_0000_Hue_Saturation 1
  • Porches_0004s_0001_Layer 8
  • Porches_0004s_0003_Layer 5
  • Fireplaces_0002s_0000_4X3A0337
  • Fireplaces_0002s_0001_Layer 15
  • Fireplaces_0002s_0002_Layer 14
  • Fireplaces_0002s_0003_Layer 13
  • Exteriors_0005s_0000_Layer 4
  • Exteriors_0005s_0001_Layer 3
  • Exteriors_0005s_0002_Layer 2
  • Exteriors_0005s_0003_Layer 1

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it runs in the family

What started out as a proposal in 1977 has continually grown and expanded over these last 38 years to a fun loving and somewhat loud family of 19. Greg, Kim, and their five kids have now become 19 people through marriages and the addition of grandchildren.

Greg Brown Construction has been, and will always be a family business, which means although there are only five members of our family represented on this site, everyone contributes in some way. 

Greg Brown

Greg Brown is currently operating Greg Brown Construction into its 34th year.   After pursuing his carpenter’s license at the onset, he has continued to serve Haliburton in major commercial and residential construction as well as  every size of renovation projects.  Among his credentials are Certified R2000 Builder, Certified HVAC Installer, New Home Warranty Program member, CGC Certified Geothermal Loop Installer, and Licensed Residential Septic Supervisor for design and installations.  He has also served on the Haliburton County Economical Development Board for fifteen years, the Kawartha Lakes Northumberland Haliburton Training Board for five years and the Haliburton County Sustainable Forestry Association for five years.   In the last eight years, Greg has been operating Haliburton Geothermal, as a subsidiary of his construction business to promote green energy heating options for residents, successfully retrofitting many homes from using oil and propane furnaces.   Concurrently, he is developing Stothart Creek, a prime residential community of forty custom homes to be built in the next ten years, just outside of Haliburton village.  His off duty enjoyments in life are to spend a week at the ocean in North Carolina, where he honeymooned with Kim, his wife of 38 years.   He is a proud father of five children and a loving grandpa of eight.

Kim Brown

Kim Brown is the wife of Greg and the organizer of everything behind the scenes.  She has been keeping GBC running smoothly ever since the beginning and has kept the three boys and Greg in line ever since.  She is the soundboard for all the crazy ideas that are dreamt up and the best mediator a family can have for settling disagreements between father and son or brother and brother or even between brother, brother, brother and father (There are countless combinations in which we can disagree with each other and we have tried them all).   Kim has instilled values in her five kids that has helped them work hard and for the right reasons. Most often she is the one with the camera in hand capturing everyone else’s great times.

Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown, the eldest son of Greg Brown, has been serving the company for the last ten years. During this time he has acquired his Carpentry License, Septic Installer & Designer License, and CGC Certification for Geothermal Installer & Designer . He has also become specialized in home automation and similar to Greg, he continues to pursue knowledge and training in the latest technologies and advancements for homes. Andrew continued his education at Wilfrid Laurier University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies. Just as much as he enjoys working outdoors and “swinging a hammer”, he manages the social media updates via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the websites for Greg Brown ConstructionStothart CreekHaliburton Geothermal, and Haliburton Septic Systems. Andrew is married and has four children.

Benton Brown

Benton Brown graduated from his studies at University of Guelph, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History.  He has worked for Greg Brown Construction since he was 17 during the summer months of his education and had the opportunity to work for a Waterloo based construction company building large estate homes during his last year in Guelph. Benton and his wife have returned to Haliburton full-time bringing more diversity and experience to the family business. Along with heading up the Haliburton Septic System division, Benton has also taken a lead roll in operating and overseeing all large earth moving projects of all basement excavations, geothermal loops, septic systems, and landscaping contours.  Benton has his Carpentry License and Septic System Design/Installation License and has always enjoyed working with people and is a natural motivator on each and every jobs site.

Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown had completed his Landscape Design program at Fanshawe College and has returned to develop a division of the company dedicated to landscaping within Haliburton Country while working on his Carpentry Apprenticeship during the off months.  He has worked every summer with his father in the construction industry during secondary school and college and is eager to apply the same level of dedication and aptitude to designing hardscapes and softscapes throughout Haliburton.  Jordan is the youngest of Greg and Kim’s children but has proven himself to be the strongest of the three boys, a very suitable trait for carrying heavy rocks, and it is his attention to detail and design that gives him a leading edge in the landscaping industry.

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